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July's Committee Meeting took place at Hazeli Lounge Bar and there were a number of points raised. These points will be published in the minutes in due course. However, we would like to ensure that everyone has a copy of the WFA 2019 Rules and has read them.

Anyone who is reading this and is considering playing with us, please ensure you read them before coming along. It will just help you in the longer term and save on time when you start playing.

So please email me for a copy of the 2019 WFA Walking Football Rules. CMES.OG@GMAIL.COM and i'll send you a copy of them quickly.
Welcome to the website of Pafos United Walking Football Club

The Club was established in February 2019 by a small group of ageing, but enthusiastic followers of football. The idea was quickly seized upon by others, delighted to once again have the opportunity play the game they love.


The Club's venue is the Fair Game Sports Centre in the Tremithousa area of Pafos. The purpose built five-a-side pitches are ideal for walking football. The owner, Mr. Andreas, was extremely supportive; so much so that the Fair Game Centre has officially become the home of Pafos United Walking Football Club, whilst still being made available to a number of other local football groups.


The first session in February 2019 attracted 11 players. However word of mouth soon spread the message and by September 2019 over 70 players had registered to become members.


This is the first walking football club to be set up in the Pafos area of Cyprus. The ethos of the club is to provide fun, fitness, friendship, and of course football.


Walking football is well established in other global locations with the intent of providing health and fitness opportunities for those men over the age of 50, and ladies over the age of 40. Within our club, there may even be exceptions to this rule following review by the coaching staff


Pafos United Walking Football Club is open to all residents of the Pafos District, as well as regular visitors to the island, who may want to enjoy their chance to play walking football in the sun. Playing sessions are held all year round, on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and Wednesday evenings. (see further details elsewhere on this site).


We have players from 50 to 80, and all degrees of ability are catered for. We have warm up sessions to get your body moving before our key practise sessions begin. Depending on how many players turn up on the day, games last anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. It may be walking football but you are guaranteed a good workout to boost your fitness.


We add variety to our regular games by holding inter-age group competitions, and also exhibition games against visiting overseas teams.


Pafos United Walking Football Club is a member of both the UK based Walking Football Association (WFA), and the Cyprus Walking Football Federation (CWFF). The CWFF currently consists of teams from Pafos, Polis, and Aphrodite Hills. We hope for, and encourage, growth across the island.


What's the best way to get started? Come along and simply watch a game at our Fair Game Sports Centre, or have a chat with one of coaches and arrange an introductory session.


To keep our games under control and in obeyance with the laws of the game, we have a team of fully qualified referees to maintain a friendly eye on proceedings.


Apart from the spirit of the game itself, the Club has a full social calendar, led by our Social Secretary, to provide opportunities to build friendships and have even more fun and enjoyment. And for members who may have reached the end of their playing days, they are most welcome to stay with the Club as Social Members.


The Club is ever mindful of work going on in the Pafos community and to this end, we support a number of local charities throughout the course of the year.


Our members also benefit from an extensive discount scheme arranged with numerous establishments and companies in and around Pafos. So by, encouraging visits in support of local businesses.


As a working football club we have expenses to cover. To this end we have a number of sponsorship agreements with local businesses. This provides advertising opportunities for our business partners, while providing good quality kit and equipment for the club. Further sponsorship opportunities may be available.


Please browse the rest of the website which we will endeavour to update regularly to keep visitors up to date with what is going on at Pafos United Walking Football Club.



First ever meeting of the walking football group
Walking Football is the latest and unique small-sided game created by John Coot in 2011. 
As the name suggests its a little different from the normal game of football, but in some respects its similar to Association Football and therefore it makes a great sport. Walking Football is played at walking pace with players not allowed to run. You can ‘walk’ as fast as you want, but the rules state that “one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times”
Meet new people
Meet NEW people with the same outlook on life and likes to get involved in new types of sports, which is not too much of a strain on the body. No-one is immune to loneliness andwhatever your age, you can grow your social circle of friends, rekindle old friendships and thrive in the camaraderie of a team sport.

Get fit & stay active
It is important to stay fit, active and healthy whatever your age. As you get older, regular exercise and playing a physical sport such as walking football can help you build and improve your strength, increase your core stability, help you lose or maintain weight and improve muscles. It can sometimes be hard to keep steady on your feet, but this sport can also help to improve your balance.

Some of the Committee Members below - Click here for ALL committee Members
Tony Watson
Roger Fear
Vice Chairman
John Fitzsimmons
Paul Fraser
Sandy Quinnell
Steve Drew
Lead Coach & Booking
The WFA aims are to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football as a unique amateur and provide knowledge and help to anyone who wants to start playing and help in setting up or running a club.
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Tel: Tony Watson on 99088387

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Fair Game Sports Center
Industrial Area, Tremithousa, 8250,
Paphos, Cyprus
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Fair Game Sport Center
Industrial Area Tremithousa
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Pafos United Walking Football has a Facebook Page if you would like to view it please click on the Facebook Icon and this will take you to the correcxt Facebook page.

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