Chairman Report at the Annual General Meeting deferred this year until June 2021

Annual General Meeting Year 2021
F.C. Committee to thank all our Sponsors, Coaches/Trainers, Players and Referees for all your continued and loyal support throughout year 2020 & 2021.

Over the last 18 months have been a very unusual one for many of us. Brought on by the Covid-19 virus and being placed in lockdown within self isolation in our home and gardens. Or stuck aboard cruise liners or abroad, waiting to be repatriated home. With our duty of care to all members we cancelled all our future games, so our last day playing was the 10th March 2020. The 5 months of unknown and unfamiliar territory of a lockdown, getting permission to go out only to get essentials, with a curfew at night and wondering what was going to occur next. All the prior planning from the com
Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Pafos United Walkingmittee for the first part of the year, which we had to unravel and put on hold for those upcoming months i.e. teams visiting, travel abroad, tenpin bowling etc

Slowly restrictions were lifted and we restarted walking football on the 24th June 2020 with our restart protocols to ensure we could comply with the restrictions imposed on us, including social distancing, fist bumps etc.

We managed to conclude ‘NFS ML One’ on the 25th July 2020, with some minor debate over the result. The Trophy Presentation, BBQ and Live Music from MID-LIFE CRISIS, that same evening from 6.15pm at AM Fair Game Sports Center, were well attended by the members.

The rules for 24/7 ML 2 were amended to ensure the debate could not happen again, 24/7 ML 2 started on the 11th September 2020. Straight away teams were asking for players due to injuries and a member departed from the club. I feel it could happen again, as we amended during 24/7 ML2, to allow players to play, to cover major injuries only. So please, please do not put your names down if you cannot agree to the days required, as your letting your team members down.

We managed to play for six months of walking football then slowly Covid-19 restrictions were imposed again with wearing of masks etc.  Then due to the increase of people catching the virus, on the 10th November 2020 we were placed back into lockdown again. With self isolation within our home and gardens, and only allowed out for essential items, as well as a curfew from 19.00 onwards. All the unravelling again of our awards evening, awards lunch, preparing for the AGM etc, the majority of the paperwork for the AGM was completed, which was emailed out on 20th December 2020 prior to Christmas, for you to peruse.

Slowly the restrictions started to be lift, with daily talks with Lead Coach, Andreas from AM Fair Games Sports Center and myself. On the 27th May 2021 we restarted again, but with protocols to comply with the restrictions i.e. reduced number of players on the pitch, three-touch to ensure our safety whilst playing, which a few did not like, but the duty of care to all members was paramount as well as complying with the restrictions.

So a total of eleven months out of 18 months, not playing walking football, we are very fortunate in life to get a second chance to play our beloved sport, at our ages.

Our ethos of Fun, Friendship, Fitness and Football with the duty of care, we still have the odd pushing back and shoving, the win at all cost mentality. Its fine line competitiveness and the win at all cost, which then upsets the players. I still recall the person who shoved me into the goal area, resulting in a penalty, the win at all cost mentality. We got to remember we are all in the vulnerable age group, and our minds and bones are brittle and take more time to repair. So respect your mates on the pitch and referees, you do not know what problems they have or carry, mentally or physically. I saw a player, stressing on the pitch, which in my previous career I dealt with, I had a personal chat with after. So it has to stop.  A few players have declined to play in the league, some are not turning up to play, even had some asking if we can have an extra day, without the win at all cost mentality. So please, please show sportsmanship, it suppose to be fun and friendship. Who would have thought we could be playing at our time of life and age, to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Health & Safety we are still having a few minor and serious injuries, over the 18 months, but during the months of September to November 2020, whilst I was in hospital. I was briefed on all the incidents, I was getting very frustrated and concerned of all the ankle injuries you was receiving, whilst playing. All was put down to players tripping over their own feet, twisting ankles. Some very serious injuries, which have taken over 6 months to repair, some even longer, one cost the player €4000 which he never returned to play, so please be careful out there. A few dislocated finger, as well as our normal muscle aches and pain injuries, so please do the warm ups, to assist you.

It’s very important for the referees to ensure no contact, as well as to pre-empt any collision between players. As well as having your eyes and being in the right position on the pitch to identify the win at all cost mentality, competiveness and good sportsmanship. As many of you say and I have said before, we need our referee’s decisions to be consistent throughout all the referees, So with that in mind I would like to thank our referees for the excellent standards shown by them, without them we would not be playing, so again thank you.

The kit problem is very frustrating to us all, especially if we had to play another team in the kit we have, with runs in the backs of the shorts. The quality is very poor, lighter colour than the sample shown, which allows a clash between shirts, I understand from the committee, when they looked at the sample kit, it was darker shade. Also players who had different colour shirts stated the difference in the sizes, than what was stated on the label within the shirt. So far ‘Afro Products’ have requested picture and details. The details and pictures have been sent to them, but so far we have had no reply from them. I have requested the Operations and Commercial Coordinator, to follow it up again, but so far, still no reply.

I have personally written to them now, to see what can be done.

I have also requested the Operations and Commercial Coordinator to get a price on new shorts from our previous supplier in Limassol, which the majority of us still have, the better quality kit. This is ongoing, so please read our future committee meeting minutes or our coffee shop brief, to keep you updated on the kit.

I believe a lesson learned for us all, it may be prudent for a separate committee, consisting of a committee member(s) (Operations and Commercial Coordinator) and a player from each age group to look at the kit and agree and bring to committee meeting for final sign off.

All over the lockdown and restrictions the committee has kept busy to ensure we were ready to restart as soon as possible, as well as keeping you all updated and informed.

Lead Coach kept amending the schedule on Heja and keeping you all informed. Contacting and updating the 24/7 ML2 committee, Captains and players fortnightly, to enable us to be ready for our restart, always hoping we was returning to walking football the following week.

Lead Referee drew up the CWFA laws of the game, so they are ours and not the WFA UK laws of the game, which we adopted and started to use from the 1st January 2021 and uploaded onto our website. We can say they are our own. If you require any clarification on them, please contact the lead referee.

Publicity & Website maintaining our website updated with all the latest information. Writing and sending in pictures for the local papers and magazines, updating them on the latest news, as well as an advertisement for new players. As well as the author of our coffee shop brief, this is widely read by all members. This was produced to keep all members updated on what is going on. This was stop rumours going around, like our initial meetings with our partnership with Pafos FC, Charlie and I was going to sell out to Pafos FC, had to laugh at this one, multimillion pound group taking us over.

Our treasurer each month sends in his updated report to the committee and Chairman, to allow us to see our outgoing and incoming expenditure, to look at future equipment or events.

Off the Astroturf, our social secretary has been planning events, I think you all seen Sandra’s work, it will be hard to find someone to cover her post, if she decides to hang up her boots.

I have sent out the nominations form for committee members each year, back in December 2020 and few weeks back for this AGM, which we have had no replies. We also looked outside for the new Club Secretary, which was a friend of one our members, because no volunteers within. I also believe the vice Chairman or vice Club Secretary should be chosen from within the members at the AGM, as I feel the Chairman’s role should be maximum of 3 years, so I will be resigning at the next AGM 2022, to allow another member the chance to steer Pafos United Walking F.C. for his period. So he is starting to cover the role prior to taking over. Well that depends if I am re-elected back today.

Lastly as your Chairman I conclude by thanking everyone involved with Pafos United Walking Football Club, the Committee Members, Coaches/Trainers, Referees and most of all our Players, without all your hard work and loyalty that you all have shown throughout year 2020/21, there wouldn’t be Pafos United,

I remain as enthusiastic as ever, from the first day I put it together and until my last day completing this role as stated. I am proud and privileged to be representing Pafos United Walking Football Club as your Chairman, so again thank you all.

Malcolm Bushell

Current news 12 June

We are finally back playing again after months of waiting. Our sessions have as expected been very popular although we still have restrictions as to how many players can play on each pitch. We still have to insist that all players have the necessary documentation such as the covid safe passes in order to play. We are subject to spot checks by government officials to ensure everyone has the correct pass to be able to play.

We have launched a campaign to encourage new members especially those that may have suffered loneliness  etc throughout lockdown. We have a number of players who have never kicked a ball so skill is not important. However it is noticeable how quickly new members improve their skills.

For those players who do like competitive matches we hold a mini league. We have just restarted the league after lockdown and so far all matches have been played in a competitive but friendly spirit.

Recently we have signed with a local first aid trainer and ten of our members will shortly be attending a first aid course. We also have access to a defibrillator and again training will shortly be given to some members.

Our Christmas presentation dinner was cancelled in December but finally went ahead in June.

The Player of the Year award went to Tony Baxter. The Most Improved Player award went to Jan Walker and Referee of the year was Mark Hignett. A new award sponsored by Charlie Charlesworth for  club legend of the year went to Roy Baxter.  Roy was our oldest player but has recently given up the game.

We were saddened to learn before the Awards evening that one of our most popular players Billy Osbourne has been advised to stop playing football on medical grounds. Billy has had a big impact on the club with his willingness to give support to others, the keenness he shows  in playing the game and his always cheerful smile on his face. Billy will remain a member  and we look forward to seeing him coming along to support us in future matches.

Our coveted monthly trophy known as Woody has now been put into retirement as we have slightly changed to colours of our kit.  He will be replaced shortly but in the meantime Woody was put up for auction at our Presentation evening and Peter Burke made a generous bid and won the trophy. Peter has a wonderful gesture in mind but at the moment we couldn't possible say what he will do with it. !!

Money raised from raffles and the auction will be shared between two local charities.

Our AGM takes place shortly and an update will be given after the meeting.


July's Committee Meeting took place at Hazeli Lounge Bar and there were a number of points raised. These points will be published in the minutes in due course. However, we would like to ensure that everyone has a copy of the WFA 2019 Rules and has read them.

Anyone who is reading this and is considering playing with us, please ensure you read them before coming along. It will just help you in the longer term and save on time when you start playing.

So please email me for a copy of the 2019 WFA Walking Football Rules. CMES.OG@GMAIL.COM and i'll send you a copy of them quickly.
July's Committee Meeting took place at Hazeli Lounge Bar and there were a number of points raised. These points will be published in the minutes in due course. However, we would like to ensure that everyone has a copy of the WFA 2019 Rules and has read them.

Anyone who is reading this and is considering playing with us, please ensure you read them before coming along. It will just help you in the longer term and save on time when you start playing.

So please email me for a copy of the 2019 WFA Walking Football Rules. CMES.OG@GMAIL.COM and i'll send you a copy of them quickly.
The WFA aims are to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football as a unique amateur and provide knowledge and help to anyone who wants to start playing and help in setting up or running a club.
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