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The objectives of Pafos United Walking Football Cyprus (PUWFC) are to promote our ethos of fun, fitness, friendship and football for all its members, and to instil an atmosphere of respect to all involved in its activities, and to ensure that members are aware, and follow, its code of conduct. 
This code of conduct is aimed at producing high standards of behaviour within walking football, and PUWFC  endorses the FA Code of "RESPECT" even though it is affiliated to the Walking Football Association (WFA). 


1.1 On and off the field I will:

a) Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including  winning.
b) Stick to the rules and celebrate the spirit of the game.
c) Always show respect to everyone involved in the game.
d) Never engage in public criticism of the Match Officials and abide by their decisions. e) Win or lose with dignity and shake hands at the end of every game.
f) Be aware of the potential impact of bad language on others.
g) Never engage in abusive language, bullying or intimidating behaviour.
h) Ensure that the session coach, team manager and/or referee is made aware of any medical  condition, or on-going injury prior to play.
i) Promote fair play and actively encourage others.
j) Make allowances for and encourage Members with different skill levels and physical  abilities.
k) Remember we all make mistakes.

1.2 I understand that if I do not follow the Code I may: 

a) Be asked to apologise to whoever I've upset.
b) Receive a Red Card and be suspended from the field of play.
c) Receive a formal warning.
d) Be dropped, substituted or suspended from training.
e) Not be selected for the team.
f) Be asked to leave PUWFC.


2.1 On match and training days you should: 

a) Play within the guidelines set by the prevailing rules, laws either:
? set by the organisers at an away venue or 
? set by competition organisers or the Rules of the Game (WFA)
b) Always play within the spirit and laws of the game.
c) Avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time wasting.
d) Avoid all violent and dangerous play.
e) Never use inappropriate language towards anyone else.
f) Always accept the referee's decisions without adverse comment or dissent.
g) Only Team Captains are authorised to converse with the Referee during official  matches/tournaments.
h) Only Coaches can discuss with Referee’s any training issues. 
i) Treat everyone with respect at all times.
j) Always abide by the instructions of the Lead Coach, Team Captains, Match Official or  Committee Members provided they do not contradict the spirit of this code.
k) Make sure that clothing, bags, bottles or belongings do not interfere with the field of play  and any door, gate, fire or safety exit.
l) Never take glass bottles or drinking glasses onto the pitch or playing surface.  m) Remove and dispose of any litter, rubbish etc in a responsible manner.
n) Make sure supporters are outside the boundaries or field of play and follow game official’s requests and instructions; you should also make sure your supporters behave responsibly. o) Remove any jewellery or watches. (Wearing of fitbit watches is OK if covered by a wrist  sweat band) Tape may be used to cover rings.
p) Wear the correct footwear for the type of pitch surface in accordance with the  requirements specified by the pitch provider i.e. No Blades or Metal studs.
q) Wear shin pads, covered by long sock whilst playing. 
Note: You may be suspended from matches by the Management Committee if you persistently  breach any of the above rules. 

2.2 In addition you should:

a) Inform the Team Captain as far as possible in advance, of your availability or non availability, for a match when invited by the Team Captain to play.
b) Arrive at match venues at the time specified (unless by prior arrangement with your team  captain).
c) Endeavour to arrive at least 10 minutes before training sessions for warm up and stretching  exercises.
d) Ensure that valuables are safeguarded securely. PUWFC takes no responsibility for personal  possessions of players, coaches, referees or spectators.


3.1 Team Captains are appointed each season by the Management Committee. They are bound  by the Rules of PUWFC and WFA and are responsible for managing the affairs of the team. 

3.2 As a Team Captains you should:

a) Inform all players of their selection or non-selection for a match. As much notice as is  practicable should be given.
Revised by PUWFC Chairperson Tony Watson P a g e 2 12/08/2021
b) Inform players of the precise address where a match or event is taking place and the time  it starts (and if possible finishes) and also what time players should arrive at the venue. c) Ensure the well-being and safety of every player above all other considerations. d) Make yourself aware of availability and location of all First Aiders and Medical facilities at  any venue including home venue.
e) Establish any specific medical details you may need about your players.
f) Respect the rights, dignity, worth and opinions of all players as well as officials and the  opposition.
g) Encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and  performance.
h) Always display high standards of behaviour, appearance, punctuality and instruction. i) Be a positive role model for players and by your example, encourage players at all times to  accept match officials decisions without comment and without showing any form of  dissent.
j) Always promote the positive aspects of walking football and never condone violations of  the laws or spirit of the game, any form of violent or dangerous play or any form of  gamesmanship or time wasting.
k) Help players to recognise good performance and not just results.
l) Advise the Management Secretary (or an Officer of the Management Committee if the  Secretary is unavailable) within 48 hours of any sending off or caution incurred by any of  your players.
m) Respond promptly to all requests and instructions from an Officer of the Management  Committee.
n) Complete with honesty any assessment that is required of you towards evaluation of the  referee.

3.3 You should never:

a) Discriminate against anybody by any reason of gender, sexual orientation, racial origin,  nationality, religious beliefs, ability, disability or economic status.
b) Permit the harassment or bullying of a player or referee by any member of PUWFC or show  unacceptable favouritism to any individual player.
c) Punish or belittle a player making mistakes.
Note: Team Captains who fail to abide by this code of conduct may be suspended from their position  and instructed to appear before the Management Committee or a section of the Management  Committee who shall have the ultimate sanction to remove that party from their post and /or  permanently exclude them from PUWFC.

PUWFC fully expects all members to set and maintain a high level of good conduct and behaviour  on and off the field of play, and this applies to all competitions / tournaments and training /  practice sessions under the auspices of PUWFC. PUWFC will run its own internal disciplinary  procedure, in addition to those set by any relevant regional governing bodies.

4.1 On receipt of a notification of: 

a) Any indiscretion.
b) Any caution or sending off reported by the Team Captain or a Referee.
c) Any conduct issues reported by the Home Venue staff.

4.2 All incidents of misconduct timeline:

See Appendix A Flow Chart timeline a) All incidents of misconduct (Blue or Red Cards) must be reported by the referee to PUWFC Club Secretary within 72 hours on the form provided, to enable him to record the  infringement in the record book.
b) A copy of the Referee’s Report should be sent to the player within 72 hours of receipt by  the Club Secretary
c) The player should reply within a further 72 hours.
d) Failure by the player to respond within the designated time frame shall be assumed to be  an admission of guilt.
e) When all documentation has been received the matter should be passed to the disciplinary  committee for prompt adjudication.
Note: In the meantime the player is entitled to take part in any session or league match until the  date of the hearing

4.3 Disciplinary Committee Implementation:

a) A Disciplinary Committee shall be formed of three members of the PUWFC to adjudicate  on all serious matters relating to on-field and off-field breaches of the standards expected. b) The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise of the Lead Coach & Booking Co-ordinator,  Referee’s Co-ordinator and one other member (proposed winner of the Fair Games Award for that year) selected by the members at the A.G.M. 
c) The Disciplinary Committee between them will agree who is the Disciplinary Committee  Chairperson and Disciplinary Committee Secretary.
d) In the event of the officer or member of the disciplinary committee being involved in the  alleged offence then they will be replaced by a member of similar stature e.g. another  referee, another coach or another player (providing they are not from same or opposing  team of the infringement) selected by the other 2 members of the disciplinary committee, with the approval of the PUWFC Chairperson or Vice Chairperson if Chairperson not  available. In the event of the disciplinary committee secretary being involved, that person’s  place will be taken by the club secretary to the management, if appropriate.
e) The Disciplinary Committee Secretary when they have received all the required reports;  the referee’s report, the players report (if submitted) and third party report (if appropriate)  from the Club Secretary. The Disciplinary Committee Secretary will arrange a time, date  and place where the hearing will be held promptly, insuring all parties, including the player  are informed. 
f) The Disciplinary Committee will of taken into account any referee’s report; the version of  events reported by all parties, including the player and manager, and also, if appropriate,  the manager's desired response regarding a formal appeal.
g) The Disciplinary Committee will then take appropriate action based upon a simple majority  decision with the Chairperson having a casting vote in the case of tied voting. h) A player shall have the right to a Personal Hearing before the disciplinary Committee. Any  such requests considered by the disciplinary Committee to be frivolous or vexatious may  lead to an increase in the penalty. 
1. The player will, wait outside the hearing after giving evidence. 
2. Once a decision has been made the player will be invited back into the room and told  of the decision of the disciplinary committee. No further discussion will take place at  that time.
i) The player will be notified in writing of the decision regardless of whether they have  verbally been given the decision of the disciplinary committee. A copy will be sent to the  PUWFC Chairperson.
j) PUWFC’s own disciplinary policy is to impose various levels of sanctions (including  ultimately expulsion) which, at the Disciplinary Committee's discretion, can be imposed to  run concurrently or in addition to any Regional impositions.
k) Any decision taken by the disciplinary committee will be passed onto the booking  coordinator to ensure the player complies with any suspensions.

4.4 Sanctions may include:

a) Automatic Suspension see Appendix B Code of Conduct:
i. The Disciplinary Committee will be implemented to verify the processes were  completed correctly; review the evidence gathered and ensure the player has not  been involved in similar type of incident and infringements previously.
b) The following list is a guide for the benefit of the Disciplinary Committee that is not  covered within the Automatic Suspensions i.e. training/practice sessions:
i. No further action
ii. Written warning
iii. Ban from a specified number of games or training see appendix A (The ban will  apply to either training / practice sessions or competition / tournament / league  matches depending on when the offence occurred)
iv. Removal from the team for that current season
v. Refusal to be reregistered to a team for a season
vi. Expulsion from the club.
The application of a sanction is totally at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee. In addition to  any sanction, as a repeat offender a written warning will be sent to the player warning him/her as  to their future conduct. In extreme cases a recommendation to the management committee to ban  the player from the club. 

4.5 Appeal

a) If the player wishes to appeal against a sanction, suspension or expulsion, the player may,  within 14 days of the decision, do so in writing to the Management Committee Club  Secretary, and request an appeal be heard by the full Management Committee less any  member(s) involved in the case and be held as soon as possible following receipt of that  notice of appeal. 
b) The Management Committee will only look to ensure that the Disciplinary Committee  decision was taken after reviewing all the facts and that the sanction was appropriate.  Again, voting shall be by simple majority and the Management Committee Chairperson  having a casting vote in the event of a tie in voting.
PUWFC Management Committee reserves the right to suspend any player, manager or member who  fails to comply with the instructions of the Management Committee in so far as they relate to a breach  of PUWFC Rules, Regulations or Codes of Conduct, or Regional League or National Governing Body  rules and guidelines.

Appendix A

Flow Chart Discipline
All Incidents of misconduct (Blue / Red Cards) must be reported by the referee to PUWFC Club Secretary  or other Club Secretary if playing another opposing club. 
This is a flow chart of how the discipline procedure should run

The WFA aims are to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football as a unique amateur and provide knowledge and help to anyone who wants to start playing and help in setting up or running a club.
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