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Current news 30 March 2022.

Its the end of the first quarter of the year and time to reflect back on all our activities in the first three months.
It has been an incredible time with many firsts for the club.
Along with the two other clubs in Cyprus we are part of the newly formed Cyprus Walking Football Federation. We plan to have inter club competitions and to share details of teams wanting to come to the island to play walking football.
We were delighted at the end of March to greet Blackburm Walking Football club who are on the island to play all three clubs.It was our first experience of welcoming a club from the UK this year.

Two matches were played and our under 60s team were unfortunate to come up against a very strong well drilled team and lost by 8-0.
However in a pulsating match our over 60s drew their match 1-1. Afterwards both teams enjoyed a buffet at the Local Taverna.

Our ladies team in April is due to olay their first match against UK opposition when a team from Scotland are coming to Cyprus.

Earlier in the month we took part in a unique experience when 11 referees from the three clubs including 6 from our own club sat a referees course run by the WFA on Zoom to qualify as club referees.This was the first time the Walking Football Association in the UK had used zoom to present a course .Representatives from WFA will be coming ti Cyprus in June to carry out practical examinations leading to further qualifications..

For the first time we have a sponsor for our busy website and we thank SHS security services.We are fortunate to have a number of sponsors with others lined up for future opportinities.

We have introduced a new competition dividing players into age groups to compete against each other.This will help players to gell together when we meet other clubs.

Our wednesday evening session has proved so popular that we have started a fortnightly Tuesday evening  session.  The morning sessions are always popular despite the chilly temperatures at 8am!
A first for us which we didnt want was when one of our morning sessions was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch!!

We are about to start a campaign to attract more women members.We have recently lost a couple of players returning to the uk and we would like to built up that section of the club .We are using the local media and a wide advertising campaign stressing that walking football is there for all abilities.

We have a new Social secretary who has started a monthly lunch group whereby restaurants in our discount scheme will be visited to show support for them supporting us.

We now have a shield to record all our Player of the Month awards for 2022 and are grateful to our member Billy Osbourne for sponsoring the shield. We hope to have similar shields to record Player of the month awards since the club stated in 2019.

Current news update 16th February

We are delighted that on 5 February we reached our third anniversary.The progress we hsve made has been remarkable and later on in the year we will be having a celebration to mark the occasion.

It has been a busy period especially for Chairman  Tony Watson.  He has had a number of discussions with the WFA in the UK who  are recognising not only Walking football in  Cyprus but the newly.formed Cyprus Walking football Federation. The Federation so far consists of the three clubs on the island.We hope to encourage other clubs to set up and hopefully imter club matches will be arranged in a league format.

The UK WFA are arranging for refereee training courses to be set up for  prospective referees in Cyprus. The current laws drawn up on the island have been a agreed  by the UK body  with  just a few tweaks.

We now have conformation pf teams coming out to the island this ready to play against us. The first one,Blackburn WFC will be coming over in March with others following in the summer.
We are particularly keen to attract more women members.At present we have 10 but need more and are starting a publicity campaign to attract more.

Our evening session on wednesdays has proved so popular that  we have introduced a Tuesday session.The first one was full up.

We are pleased that with covid restrictions easing we have decided to remove the 7 day isolation restrictions.This means players can play immediately they return to the country.

We now have a new Social  Secretary  Neil Bushe who already has a lot of ideas to keep members active outside football.Our thanks to previogs Social Sec Sandy Quinnell who recently stepped down. We also have a new Head of Coaching and Graham Ward has stepped into the role.

Current news  10 January 2022

We recently had our first matches against Polis and Lstchi Tigers The matches consisted  of several ten minute matches and unfortunately the overall score meant thst we lost on the evening. We look forward to our return match at the end of January. We are in touch with a number of teams from the UK who wish to come over and play against usthis summer and look forward to our meetings.

We have now joined forces with the two other walking  football clubs in Cyprus to form the Cyprus Walking Football Federation. The aim of the Federation is to ensure all clubs play to the same set of laws of the game. A recent meeting between the clubs  thrashed out a common list of  laws and these were being implemenred from 1st January.  Later in the year there will be a referees course to ensure all referees are aware of the common laws.
It is envisaged that eventually there will be competitions between all the clubs  which could consist of leagues for the   various age groups.

Once our mini league is completed in March we expect to have a competition between age groups. This will give good practice for any upcoming  matches against other clubs.

With the recent increase in covid cases in the area our committee has decided  to bring in a 7 day stay away rule for anyone returning from abroad. All players have to carry both a safepass and proof of identification. A recent visit by the Police to check on passes was very satisfactory and everyones pass was in order.After a recent incident when a player was accidently  hit in the eye by the ball it has been stressed that any player  wearing glasses plays at their own risk.

We are always looking at ways at promoting the club and to this end we have taken possession of our own scarves suitably inscribed. ALL we want now is some cold weather!!

After gauging interest from members we are purchasing tracksuits and are in discussion with a possible sponsor. We also have a new set of shorts after receiving an unsatisfactory batch from a previous supplier.

Off the field we recently had a collection for a local hospice on behalf of one of our members whose wife  sadly passed away and   continue to  support the charity Cans for kids .

Latest news 10 November

Our 3rd mini league is now well underway and from the two rounds played so far it looks like its going to be a very tight table before we find out the winners in March.
We are short of referees and in an effort to encourage more to take up the whistle we sre orgsnising a referee course in the New Year.Anyone interested must be able to commit to wednesday night training.

Chairman Tony Watson has recently given a talk to the RBL veterans association.As a result wè are shortly to welcome new members to the excitement of walking football.

We have a number of representative matches coming up with our women playing a return match against Aphrodite  Wanderers.There will be a mens match against the same opposition whilst in December we play against the new Polis team.

We now have three matches confirmed against teams coming over from the UK and these will take place in April and May. There are many other teams showing interest in meeting and playing against us.

We are now offering individual training sessions for those players who would like to improve on their skills.Our chief coach Steve Drew will be arranging the sessions. We are also giving light individual sessions to players recovering from injuries.

Our membership fees have recently been adjusted. It means anyone starting after 30 June will only have to pay 5 euros in the first year.

Our discount scheme continues to grow with two local restaurants being added to the scheme.

Current news 6 October

It has been a busy few weeks with more players returning after the weather has slightly cooled.It is also good to see players finally returning from the UK and beyond.

One of our players Graham Ward has taken on a role of coaching on a Wednesday evening whilst Rob Innes has been doing light training sessions with players coming back from injury.

We unfortunately have lost the services of one of our referees ,Bob Quinnell has given up the whistle and it means we are looking for another referee. A couple of people have come forward and will be getting trained up.

During the month we have played representative match against an England management team which included a few guests. We were delighted to draw 0-0.

Our committee then took part in a challenge match from the ladies team.The committee won 4-1but had quite a few scares along the way.

We have now started our third mini league sponsored by Zephyros  adventure sports . We alo have another new sponsor. The One Shop Emba have agreed to sponsor our training shirts. It looks after the first round as though the teams are more evenly balanced this time and should lead to some close matches .

We have also become involved in sponsoring and are proud to part sponsor the charity evening ,Cans for Kids which raises money to provide medical equipment  for children.

On the social side we have been on a Saturday cruise and a number of players and guests attended a Peter Kay tribute night.

Current news
15 August

We have now updated our Code of Guidance and this has now been posted elsewhere on the site.

We are grateful to Billy Osbourne who has taken over the role of Kit Manager. We still have a number of kits not collected by member's. They will be unable to play until such time they collect their kit.

We are looking forward to our women's team playing against our committee in a warm up  before the women play a team from Aphrodites in a few weeks time.

We now have 39 players registered to play in the mini league 3 competition.The draw for players takes place after training on 7 September.

Congratulation to Tony Baxter who won our mini golf competition. We continue to arrange social events and 39 players and guests will be attending a Dinner music evening at the Mulbery Tavern.

We are sorry to say goodbye to Ian Halford.Alle johnson and Mick Craven who have decided to move back to the UK.
Bunny Warren has also decided to hang up his boots but will remain as a social member.

Current news 21 July

Its all change on our committee as after a special meeting of committee members Tony Watson was elected as Chairman with Roger Fear as Vice Chairman
Trevor Trueman was confirmed as Assistsnt Treasurer.
Steve Drew has taken over as Bookings Co ordinator as well as Lead Coach.
A new position as Kit Manager is now vacant .
All other committee members remain as before.
The committee members will remain until the AGM in February 2022.

Our third mini league competition will start at end of September  and any members wishing to take part should speak to Steve Drew. We are grateful to Zephyros Adventure Sports for sponsoring  the competition.

Current news
11 July

We were very sorry to receive our Chairman, Malcolm Bushell letter of resignation. Malcolm was the founder of the club and has worked tirelessly over the past two and a half years up progress the club into the position it is today. We also thank his long suffering wife Lyn who has stood by him and sometimes behind him!!

It comes days after our Commercial Co ordinator Charlie Charlesworth also decided to resign his position.Charlie will still be an active footballer at the club.

Messages of appreciation have been posted by members to both Charlie and Malcolm.

A special committee meeting is being held shortly to discuss the situation.

One of Charlies last duties was to go with Entertainment coordinator Sandy Quinnell and Publicity Officer Roger Fear to present cheques to two charities. The Tala Cat Sanctuary and the Learning Centre (Caritas).This was money raised from raffles and auctions.

After the last round of mini league matches presentations were made to the winning team  the Player of the day Dave Senior top goal scorer Dave Senior and Player of the tournament Steve Drew.

Steve Drew also was awarded the Player of the month award

Photos of the Presentation day are on the photo section

The WFA aims are to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football as a unique amateur and provide knowledge and help to anyone who wants to start playing and help in setting up or running a club.
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