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PUWFC Restart Protocol’s: 280421.

1. Changing Rooms Out of Bounds TFN.

2. All Player’s must arrive ready to start training.

3. Use of Bibs is forbidden TFN.

4. There is to be no swapping of Water/Drinks Bottles.

5. Duty of care to all members will mean that 3 x touch play (Unless otherwise stipulated by the Lead coach) will be encouraged from the restart of training, as this would help improve fitness levels alongside maintaining the non-contact element of the game and ensuring less injuries.

6. There is to be no shaking of Hands, Hugs, only fist/elbow bumps.

7. All Players are reminded that they must book in for training via the Mobile Heja App or the Heja Desktop to avoid disappointment.

8. Tuesdays & Fridays there will be a maximum of 18 Player’s per pitch, plus 4 x Referees, total of 40 Player’s/Members at the training facility.
Maybe a review of timings i.e. early start TBC!

9. Wednesday Evening Training will be for a maximum of 30 Players plus the 5 the Referees.

10. Matches will be 6 a side max, 3 subs to be inside dugout.

11. Duty of care from the coaches/trainers will mean on the restart of training, practice matches will be of 30 minute duration, 2 x 15 minute halves with a break of 1 minute. However the ML2 fixtures, will consist of normal play, and timings will remain the same as previously published.

12. The centre dugout will be for the Referees and First Aid Kits.

13. There will be no swapping of dugouts during matches. 14. No Spectators/Guests allowed or with Chairman/Lead Coach Approval.

14. No Spectators/Guests allowed or with Chairman/Lead Coach Approval.

Immunity proof after Lockdown: Majority of the club should of had had their 1st vaccination and providing it’s at least 3 weeks prior to restart they should be allowed to resume training after producing their vaccination certificate as proof. The club can maintain a register of members that have been vaccinated. However there will be some members that may not had their vaccination or even refuse to get one, these members must produce the results of a rapid test or PCR test that has been taken within 72hrs of restart.

16. Referee’s decision in practice matches is final.

1. Staff will collect Monies prior to training session starting.
2. Referees to sanitise all footballs.
3. Spare GK Gloves must worn over plastic gloves.
4. Player’s/members to have temp taken and complete register with their names and contact number prior to session starting.
5. PUWFC Stay away rule of 3 days after returning from Overseas, this is in line with the Cypriot Health Ministers statement on the 23rd April!

Health Minister Statement 23/04/21

Immunity proof after lockdown

The health minister said the lockdown measures will be lifted on May 10, the day where those going to gathering places will be required to prove they have immunity against COVID-19. Gathering places under the new requirements include restaurants, gym, retail shops, and theatres, where people must have in their possession results of a rapid test or PCR test valid for 72 hours or have been vaccinated with at least the first dose at least three weeks prior, or have been ill with the coronavirus disease in the last 3 months. Ioannou stated that the adoption of the above immunity regulation will provide for “easier and safer movement and will allow us to return safely to more normal conditions”

Current News

We now have 79 registered players including  9 women and 19 over the age of 70.

We are still waiting the go ahead to start playing again and optimistically we hope for the beginning of May.

The committee has decided that Tuesday and Wednesday sessions will concentrate on fitness training and coaching with a short practice  match afterwards. The Friday session will consist of matches of 30 minutes duration.  Until further notice these practice matches will consist of three touch  football.
Anyone interested in playing in the 3rd mini league once it starts sometime in June / July  should speak to our Chief Coach Tony Watson. It has been decided that when we draw teams for the next mini league it will be in front of the players so they can hear first hand which teams they are in.

The mini league once it re starts will be normal football.

Players are encouraged to book in for sessions in order that coaches can play ahead. In future anyone booking in but not turning up will still have to pay the session fee.

We now have a designated smoking area which will be clearly marked at the side of the reception area.

We now have a new date for the AGM which is June 11th at 11am to be held at the Mulbery restaurant in Mesoghi. The committee has decided to provide tea and biscuits before the event and a free buffet afterwards.

The Presentation Dinner will be held at D'arcys on Friday 18 June. Further details when known will be on our entertainment page.

We are now looking for sponsors for our web site. Anyone who knows of anyone interested should contact Charlie for details.

We are updating out Discount scheme with restaurants gradually opening again. We have confirmed with Stone Lion, Mulburyy Tree and Rimini when it opens that the same discounts remain. We will confirm with others as soon as we can. In the meantime assume that they will keep to the same arrangement as before the lockdown.

Pick a Lock is now under new management but will still offer the same discounts. Morelli events continue to offer 10% off tickets for a minimum of ten people.

We are pleased to welcome a new member .
Air Conditions Services are offering a 20% discount of their services. Details on the discount page but contact Carl Higham  96 840 257

18 March 2021

We are grateful to those members who turned up at the Acropolis restaurant to pick up your new kit. we have had a lot of good comments about it so we hope you enjoy wearing it.

We are of course still unable to start playing again but we are hopeful we will get the go ahead in April. The HEJA schedule has been updated to show new dates for the completion of Mini League 2. We are delighted that we have a new sponsor for Mini league 3 and Lee Stephens who already has one business in our discount scheme under Zephyros Adventure Scheme is now going to sponsor under his photography business. Lee is also to become our official photographer and will be attending a session shortly to take team photos.

We are due to have a committee meeting on Friday and as this I the first since lockdown there will be a lot to discus. we will have an update on this site and the facebook site as soon as possible after the meeting.20 February  Current News update

We are hoping that we will get the go ahead to start football again in March but we just have to be patient and wait for the government announcements.

You can see a preview of the new kit by clicking on the photo page and see super model Charlie shoeing off the kit. Thanks to Charlie for organising the kit. He ha spent a lot of time both getting sponsors and liaising with the company in the Uk who produced the kit.

We need to make clear that at the last committee meeting way back in 2020 that new members can only start on a Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening as these are designated training days. Fridays is either a practice or tournament day.
Please remember that if you are bringing a new member along you notify Tony in advance.

We have had enquiries as to when the AGM and the Presentation Dinner will be taking place. We obviously cant make any definite arrangements until we are sure of the date when restaurants and bars are once again open

Current News 9 February 2021

We are still eagerly awaiting the lifting of restrictions so that we can start our walking football sessions. We have had once again to change the dates of the mini league and details are on HEJA.

As members will probably know the new kit has arrived from the UK and as soon as coffee shops are allowed to open Charlie will arrange a day when players can go along and collect their kit. Do make sure you have your payment with you.

We now have  an additional Referee. Dave Hatton has decided to hang up his boots and help out as a referee. Dave has refereed some of our games before and did ok!!

We now have registered a twitter account mainly with the aim of getting ourselves known to the wider walking football community. We certainly are getting a lot of publicity as in addition to the three local monthly magazines carrying our articles we have two face book pages, the website of course and now we are on Twitter. In addition our new media sponsor Viva FM are carrying adverts for us and we are about to go live on air with them. In addition they are arranging to broadcast live from one of our sessions when we get back to playing.

Some players have asked if we will introduce any of our own restrictions once we are given the go ahead to play again. This will be a matter for your committee who as soon as groups are allowed to meet will hold a meeting and this item will be discussed. At the moment we are in limbo both about the date for our AGM and the date for the Presentation Dinner.

NEWS UPDATE - 16 January  2021

First of all a belated Happy New Year to all our members.It is a very frustrating time with no football for the last two months and no end in sight.Our coaches will be ensuring we build up our fitness once we start again.
A number of our players got caught up  in the new restrictions having to go into isolation but we are pleased that at least Malcolm and Charlie came through unscathed. We are not sure how it has affected Mark but no doubt he will be telling us soon! We are aware of other players still trying to get back from UK.

Members will know that our new kits have been made and are on their way from the UK.Its anyones guess when they might arrive over here A reminder that old members need to pay 20 euros towards the cost and Charlie is waiting to collect your money.

Malcolm in his entrepreneurial  role arranged for some printed masks to be made  We have had  a lot of of interest  but there are still a few left.Anyone intetested in purchasing one should contact Malcolm via HEJA.

Our annual presentation Dinner has once again been postponed and  it has been decided to wait until we know restaurants are definitely open before we arrange another date.

At the moment our AGM is on 5 February. It is possible that this date will be changed but we will update on HEJA and via facebook once a decision is  known.

We have introduced a new heading on the website called player profiles.We will be gradually inviting players to tell others about themselves.In order to make space on the menu  we have put the media page as a sub heading under news.
A further update as soon as we have more interesting news!!

Current news 14 December  2020

We are still unable to take part in walking football sessions but hopeful we cab start again on January.
Our  Chairman Mdlcolm Bushell.has given his Christmas message below. We look forward to seeing everyone in the New YearNews

Update 6 December

Pafos United Walking F.C
Chairman’s Christmas Message 2020

Dear members, here is very high speed Christmas message for you all, hoping you are keeping safe and well, wherever you are in the world with your family and friends during the latest restrictions of lockdown in Cyprus.

I like to thank you all for your full support throughout the year of 2020, last year at this time, who could have foreseen the challenging times  ahead for Covid-19 virus, complete lockdown, curfews, airports closed, only essential shops opened (as one member said ‘don’t tell my wife the paint shop is open’). Our cancellations of walking football, tournaments and events, maintaining our duty of care to all members, the changes in times & days, again to keep up with the restrictions set by the Cyprus Government. Your committee worked tirelessly to get us back on track to meet your expectations of Pafos United Walking F.C. committee and maintaining we all kept safe.

I like to thank the WFA and CWFA for the assistance they have provided, as well as our previous sponsors - Flett Financial, Hazeli Lounge Bar, Rock FM and our previous kit supplier Silvestrou Sports.

I like to thank all our current and our new sponsors and partners NFS, Angel Guardians Funeral Home, Eye Contact, GS Building Services, RSS Logistics, Twenty4seven Systems Ltd, AM Fair Game Sports Center, Focused Therapy, Blue Cross Ambulance Services, Media Partner Viva FM, new kit supplier AFYM Products (AFYM Products have confirmed payments and are proceeding with production) and finely our website maestro Steve Butcher. So again thank you all and looking forward to working together throughout the coming year.

I would also like to thank all the numerous business that have agreed to be part of our partnership discount scheme, assisting and working together  through your challenging times, So again thank you.

So on behalf of the committee, let me end by thanking you all again Sponsors, Businesses, Coaches, Players & Referee’s for your full support and endorsement of our efforts throughout the year. We wish you a safe and very happy Christmas and a New Year filled with peace, joy, prosperity with your family and friends.

Malcolm Bushell


Pafos United Walking F.C.

News Update 6 December

The dates for the mini league as reported on our dedicated site HEJA have been amended subject to any new government restrictions that may come into force.
We have amended the dates for our mini league competition . It is intended  to play round 4 of the league on 22 January with round 5 on 12 February and the final round in the league on 5 March. This of course subject to government   restrictions being lifted.

There are new laws coming in as from January 2021. These are going to be published on the website next week. However it has been decided that certain changes will apply to our matches and training sessions as from  when we start again.
The one step rule that has applied to throw ins and corners will no longer apply. It will still apply to penalties.
The goalkeeper will be allowed to go out of the area to collect the ball that has gone  out of play.

The goalkeeper commits a foul if when kicking the ball out into play takes more than one touch of the ball. The ball must be stationary before kicking it.

It is also proposed that we introduce a new Inter age Team Challenge Shield.
The teams will be in age groups over 50s, 60s to 65s, 65s to 70s and over 70s. In addition if enough interest we will also have a womens team.It is possible that there will be more than one team in some of the age groups.However in  order to make it fair we will introduce a handicap system so that for instance players in over 70s will have some advantage when they play younger teams.

The handicap system will be worked out by the coaches who will also pick the teams.The idea behind this new competition is for players to get used to playing with each other getting ready for when we play matches against teams from UK etc who have shown interest in coming over. We are pleased that our main sponsor NFS  have agreed to sponsor the event and will provide a shield for the winners,

The event will take place over several weeks on a day of the week to be decided.

It has now been decided by the committee that in future any new player turning up will not be able to play at their first session. It will be an observation meeting. They will be able to watch the players training and playing and one of the coaches will talk them through the rules of walking football. They will talk to them about the club and the importance of training ,wearing correct footwear,pads etc. plus understanding the ethos of PUWFC. If after all that the new person is still keen to play they will be invited back. It is essential that if existing players intend bringing a new person with them that they book them in via HEJA and let them know they won't be able to play the first time they turn up.

Whilst on HEJA it has been clarified that if players turn up without having booked in via HEJA or notified Tony the head coach of their intention to play then without exception they will be unable to play in that session. This may sound strict but it is to give the coaches a chance to work out teams without having to make last minute changes  . It also means that if you have booked in but have to cancel then ensure the Head Coach is notified .

There are now changes to our sessions. On Wednesdays our times will be 6pm till 8pm. The session will consist of training,coaching and a game afterwards.
On Tuesdays we will now be introducing  a training and  coaching session with a match afterwards.The Friday session after a warm up will be purely for playing football.

Our AGM is on 5 February. Official notification will be sent to players in January. At the AGM all the committee posts will be available and existing officers must re apply if they wish to carry on, However it is also an opportunity for new members to put their names forward for selection. Anyone interested should contact chairman Malcolm Bushell for a job description.

We are proposing making alterations to the committee. A new post of  Operation and Commercial Coordinator is being created. This post will be responsible for sponsorship ,discount scheme, dealing with external matters, dealing with logistics in tournaments and friendly matches etc.

Until the AGM and elections Charlie Charlesworth  is taking over this post and a new member Ian Hawksey will step into the secretary position.

We have  now agreed a venue for the AGM and it will be at the Mulberry Restaurant,Tremithousa . There is plenty of parking and there will be a buffet available with hot drinks before the meeting. The bar will be open after the meeting. This meetingis for members only.

We have introduced a referee assessment form in order for the referees coordinator to help with training of referees. The forms can be downloaded from the website or ask Mark Hignett  for a copy. We must stress the form is not to criticise referees but to be used as a training implement.

Our list of referees has been increased as Dave Hatton has decided to hang up his boots and join the referees panel.

We are sorry to hear that our oldest player Roy Blatchford  has decided to retire from playing at the age of 82. The good news is that Roy will continue as a social member and we look forward to seeing him at our social functions.

On our discount scheme we are aware that three restaurants are currently closed. Les Amis,Rimini and Harmony are closed for a couple of months but others are still open. Do look at the  website for full details.

The WFA aims are to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football as a unique amateur and provide knowledge and help to anyone who wants to start playing and help in setting up or running a club.
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