Current News 3 August
We are very shortly introducing two major changes to the rules.Any goalkeeper handling the ball outside the area unless its through momentum will concede a penalty and be sent off.
Any player denying an obvious goalscoring chance will also be sent off.
A full list of rules will shortly be published on Heja.facebook and website.
The mini league 2 starting 4 September will start st 8am.This also applies to the October matches.
The new teams will be announced shortly for the new league.They have been drawn out of the hat  fairly on front of 6 members.
We are working hard to attract companies to give members discounts on production of membership card which will be shortly produced.Any member who has ideas on companies who may offer discount please speak to Roger Fear.
Our entertainment page is updated see details of a new event in October

Current News 21 July

We are still getting a few players trying to influence ,the referees by  who shouts the loudest. Please ensure that it is only the Team  Captain that talks to the referees ,and only the Team Captain talk to the Club Secretary concerning your team and who is in the team.
We have 30 players wanting to take part in the next mini league. We need a few more so that each team can have a full compliment of players.

We will be playing Pissouri Plodders on the evening of Wednesday 5 August ko 6 30 pm. There will be two teams of 8 therefore 2 matches of 40 minutes using both pitches. There will be  return fixture on 19 August .

We have some exciting  news regarding sponsorship. We are happy to say that  NFSeurope will continue as main sponsor of the club  and be the main shirt sponsor for the next few years. We have two new sponsors joining us and look forward to working alongside them over the next few years.

First there is Twenty4Seven systems  Ltd who will be sponsoring our Mini League 2 .We are also excited to be welcoming RSS Logistics to the family and their logo will be appearing on our new shorts. The logo will also be on the sponsors page elsewhere on the website.

We have now started inviting companies to join our membership scheme which will start in August. We are in the process of agreeing a number of deals and this will be entered in a new category on the website very shortly.

Current News 7 July

Confirmation that the final round of our first Mini League competition takes place on Saturday 25 August. Due to the extreme heat the first match will start at 8 am prompt and the second match at 9 am. Go home to recover before the Presentation Evening (see Entertainment page)

The next league will be starting in September and we are taking names of players wishing to take part. The matches are likely to be once a month played on a Friday. We only have room for 40 players and 8 reserves. See Charlie or Tony to get your name down quickly.

As from 17 August we will no longer play 3 touch football on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will however keep three touch for the Wednesday sessions. The 1 metre distance will also no longer apply. The good news is that the changing rooms can now be used BUT only two people at a time are allowed in them.

The Committee has decided that referees must be more forceful in applying blue and red cards for continuous offences.  Anyone shown 3 blue cards within a space of 3 months will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. There is concern that despite a no contact sport some players are over enthusiastic and with the best of intentions are still knocking into opponents!!

We are pleased that 8 of our group took part in the first Paphos Running Club 5km run or walk. It was a very hot day but we all survived. We picked up some useful contacts on the day and hope to forge our contact with paphos Running Club.

As a matter of interest if any much older people are considering taking up walking football but think they are too old, we have 19 players over the age of 70!!

An exciting new initiative we are working on - paid up members will shortly be receiving a Membership card. We are in the process of contacting companies such as restaurants, tavernas etc to see if we can negotiate a discount scheme. We will arrange a link to their site and give them as much publicity as possible. If anyone has good connections with local businesses, maybe one you use regularly have a word with them and we can arrange a meet. Notify Roger Fear on if anyone can help.
News 27 June

Our first week back, well done everyone, its great to be back together, thanks to those that paid their membership payment this week. Wednesday we had 15 members playing and Friday we had 27 members playing, we had 4 new members attended Steve Cheeseman, Neal Manning, Mike Ireson and Kris Kelly so a big welcome to them from Pafos United WFC. Now the hard work of working towards the final of the tournament, which will be sometime end of next month depending on restriction in playing. Finely like to thank both Mark Hignett & John Fitzsimmons for being the referees with the restrictions in place, so well done everyone for your full support.
July's Committee Meeting took place at Hazeli Lounge Bar and there were a number of points raised. These points will be published in the minutes in due course. However, we would like to ensure that everyone has a copy of the WFA 2019 Rules and has read them.

Anyone who is reading this and is considering playing with us, please ensure you read them before coming along. It will just help you in the longer term and save on time when you start playing.

So please email me for a copy of the 2019 WFA Walking Football Rules. CMES.OG@GMAIL.COM and i'll send you a copy of them quickly.

Pafos United W.F.C.
Chairman Report Jan to June 2020

Dear Committee, Referee’s, Registered Player’s & Sponsors, firstly I would like to thank the majority of you for your patience in waiting for our restart date, we stopped as a team and we will restart as a team, so again thank you.
The start of year 2020 began very well, with team bookings or planning to visit our home ground, which we were all looking forward to. The Agenda was well supported by all our members either attending or receiving apologies. The new committee in place has been working well together. The last three months has been a unusual one for many of us, being in self isolation within our home and gardens or stuck abroad waiting to be repatriated home. The three months being in an unknown and unfamiliar territory of a lockdown, with finely a curfew and wondering what was going to occur next. All the prior planning from the committee for the first three months of the year, which we had to unravel and put on hold for those coming months, and move to another new phase, how we can ensure our members safety then or on our restart.
Initially when we heard what was happening throughout the Cyprus and other countries. The Pafos United WFC Committee and being our ethos of Fun, Friendship, Fitness and Football, with our duty of care and knowing how we would feel if we passed the virus on to another member. We decided to preempt playing due to the majority of our members being in the venerable age and illness group we cancelled all future games, our last day playing was the 10th March. As it was Cyprus and UK football clubs cancelled the following week, so I apologise, we may have had another game prior to the lockdown.
I must again thank all Pafos United WFC Committee for your input and excellent feedback on the emails when initially looking at the way forward during the lockdown. I would also like to thank Sandra Quinnell in keeping you all updated with the social calendar situation. Sandra is now looking to arrange something shortly to get us back together, when safe to do. Roger Fear for his dedication by maintaining the regular updates to the local papers and magazines to ensure we keep our space and advertisements within them. Also his regular links with the website designer arranging amendments and updates. He has arranged a visitor’s counter on the Pafos United website, so we can now see the results and benefits of how many viewings. Paul Fraser for badgering me for the monthly money figures received and outgoings. Tony Watson in maintaining updates on the schedule on Heja, numbers, dates and possible training days to enable us to open and play sooner, when it’s safe to do. Billy Smith for completing our stocktaking of all the equipment belonging to the Pafos United WFC, producing a sheet, so we know exactly what we have, need or replacing.
Finely I also like to thank Andreas Menelaou at AM Fair Games Sports Center, for our regular briefing updates, to enable us to look at restarting.
It has been a tough and challenging few months for us all. So again like to thank you all for your patience in this matter, so stay safe now and let’s hope we can restart very shortly. Let us get out there, promote Pafos United WFC, and with hope we come back much stronger, teams rebook and many more walking football games to play between us all.
All the very best, stay safe and healthy

Malcolm Bushell
Pafos United WFC

Statement from Chairman 4 June

Dear all, today I contacted Andreas, AM Fair Games Sports Center, for any updates at this precise moment their is still no change to the restrictions for walking football. We can train or exercise, but no football. He has requested an official update in writing but still waiting, failing to obey the restrictions will result in a 300 euros fine per player and Andreas will be fined 3000 euros. As he stated the Cyprus Health Minister will produce the restrictions for us to restart, so still  waiting for permission. So again many thanks for your patience in this matter.

21 May latest information from Chairman

Good morning firstly many thanks for all your patience in our walking football teams, the latest directive is very clear of last night. We can train with restrictions, but it clearly states no football. So we still need to wait, again thanks, and, stay safe out there in our latest ease of restrictions.
Malcolm Bushell

An updated message from Chairman Malcolm Bushell on 6 May

" Dear all, firstly I hope that you are all ok and staying safe out there.  After getting the comittees views on the way forward for the restart of walking football for Fun, Friendship, Fitness and Football with the DUTY OF CARE. The majority of the committee believe we need two things, firstly the full implications of the Presidents speech on starting up being in the vulnerable age group. ,So, we need the guidance of Antreas,and secondly we should wait until at least early June before making a decision for re-starting. This will enable us to gain information on the eradication of the virus ,or  a minimal level to meet everyones  expectations. So I must apologise until we restart our walking football together, not just some but all of us. I hope that this meets with your expectations of your committee. Stay safe and speak soon.

Goverment Restrictions

We are currently  governed by government restrictions and there is no walking football taking place. We are hoping that we will get the go ahead to start again towards the end of May. In the meantime anyone interested in obtaining more information about  Walking Football should contact our Chairman or Secretary.

At present  a number of our players are stuck in the Uk and we hope that they can soon arrange a safe passage back to Cyprus.

We had friendly matches lined up against a team from Scotland. Unfortunately those plans have had to be scrapped. We hope that we may  be able to meet up with them later in the year or more likely in 2021.

Our entertainment programme has been put on hold. More details on the entertainment page.

The final round of the min league is still to be played. As soon as we get the go ahead to play again the final matches will be arranged
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