Disciplinary procedure

The Disciplinary committee will comprise three members. This will normally be the Referee Coordinator, the Chief Coach and a players representative to be elected at the AGM

The Chairman will be selected from the three members of the committee.

The disciplinary procedure will be administered by a Disciplinary Secretary, to be appointed

In the event of the officer or member of the disciplinary committee being involved in the alleged offense then they will be replaced by a member of similar stature e.g another referee, another coach, another player selected by the other two members of the panel.

In the event of the Disciplinary Secretary being involved that persons place will be taken by the secretary to the management committee, if appropriate.


All incidents of misconduct (red card) must be reported by the referee to the PUWFC Disciplinary Secretary within 72 hours on the form provided. In the meantime the player is entitled to take part in any session, league match until the date of the hearing.

A copy of the referees report must be sent to the player within 72 hours of receipt by the Disciplinary Secretary.

The player should reply within a further 72 hours. Failure by the player to respond within the designated time frame shall be assumed to be an admission of guilt.

When all documentation has been received the Disciplinary Secretary will arrange a time, date and place where the hearing will be held ensuring all parties including the player are informed. Copies of the referees report, the players report(if received) and third party report (if appropriate)

A player shall have the right to a personal hearing before the Disciplinary Committee. Any such requests considered by the Disciplinary Committee to be frivolous or vexatious may lead to an increase in the penalty.


The following list of penalties is a guide for the benefit of the Disciplinary Committee. Application of a penalty is totally at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.
The ban will apply to either sessions or league matches depending on when the offense occurred.

A written warning, between one and four match suspended sentence, a one or two match ban depending on severity of the offense.

In the event of a second red card between 2 and 4 match ban depending on the severity . In addition to any penalty ,as a repeat offender a written warning will be sent to the player warning him/her as to their future conduct.

In extreme cases a recommendation to the Management committee to ban the player from the club


The player will if he/she wishes wait outside the hearing after giving evidence .Once a decision has been made (a simple vote with the Chairman having a casting vote)the player will be invited back in the room and told of the decision. No further discussion will take place at that time.
The player will be notified in writing of the decision regardless of whether they have verbally been given the decision of the Disciplinary Committee. A copy will be sent to the chairman of the PUWFC . The player will, have the right within fourteen days to appeal to the PUWFC Management committee..
The Management committee will only look to ensure that the Disciplinary Committees decision was taken after reviewing all the facts and that the penalty was appropriate

Any decision taken by the Disciplinary committee will be passed on to the Booking coordinator to ensure the player complies with any suspension.