Mini League 2 sponsored by TWENTY4SEVEN SECURITY
Dated: 5th August 2020 (Amended 27th November 2020)

1. Sponsorship:
The Mini League is sponsored by Twenty4Seven Systems Ltd.

2. Eligibility:
Only Registered Players are eligible to play in the Mini League.
Registered Players must be able to commit to 4 x match days out of 6.

All registered players within PUWFC have been assessed by all coaches, plus an input by the Referees’ Coordinator over the last 12 months and placed into 5 ability categories, Goalkeeper, and Groups A, B, C, and D.
The selection of registered players for the individual Teams will be completed by the Mini League Committee.

Pool Registered Players:
a) If Teams are short of registered players, then providing there are 4 players in the pool of the same ability category, then each team will receive an extra player.
b) All returning Registered Players that wish to play in the Mini League shall be added to the pool only after being assessed by the coaches for their ability category.
c) New Registered Players that wish to play in the Mini League shall be added to the pool only after being assessed for their ability category by the coaches, over a 1 month period and have attended a minimum of 3 sessions.
d) A registered player who has played or has been assigned to another team, shall remain within that team until the end of the league.

5. Teams:
The Mini League will consist of 4 x teams of 10 registered players, with mixed and
equal abilities.
b) Names of Captains and Team names to be decided by the Mini League Committee.
   (Chairman, Secretary, Referees’ Coordinator, Coach & Bookings Liaison, Publicity
    Officer, Guest Coach (SD)

6. Matches:
These will be of 40 minute duration and played on the first Friday every month.
Water breaks will be added if required on the day.
Fixtures for the Mini League will be organised by the PUWFC Club Secretary and published on both Facebook & PUWFC Website, alongside a copy at the AM Sports Centre.
Points: 3 for a Win & 1 for a Draw. List of Scorer’s will be displayed at the Centre.

7. Referees:
The Referees’ Coordinator will designate Referee’s for Match days.
Designated Referees are: Mark Hignett, John Fitzsimmons, Bob Quinnell & David Hatton.
None of the above can play for any team from the Mini League.

8. Laws of The Game:
All members are to ensure that they have read the up to date Laws of the Game.
b) Especially the following References:
Laws of the Game Section A, Players, Rule 3.
· PUWFC Constitution Section 16 Code of Conduct.
· PUWFC Code of Conduct Section 2 Players Code of Conduct & Section 3 Team Manager’s Code of Conduct.
c) PUWFC LOTG Changes   WEF 271120
a)  Refereee's will be monitoring the injury time outs, basically stopping the clock until injury dealt with.
b) There will no longer be the one step rule for both corners & throw in, with immediate effect, however it will still be in place for penalties.
c)  The GK will be allowed to collect the ball (If out of play) from the side line if no outfield player available to do so.

9. Match Fees:
The cost is €5 per player on the day.

10. Discipline:
All Blue cards will be recorded by the Referees’ Coordinator, and any registered player receiving 3 Blue cards (Accumulatively) during all matches will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and action taken according to References stated below: A, B & C.
Any registered player receiving a Red card will not participate in the remainder of that match day and will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and action taken according to References stated below: A, B & C.

Referee’s decisions are final!

Player of the day:
   This will be decided by the Referees.

A. WFA Laws of The Game Dated:
1st January 2021
B. PUWFC Code of Conduct Dated: 3rd March 2020.
C. PUWFC Constitution Dated: 3rd March 2020.
The WFA aims are to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football as a unique amateur and provide knowledge and help to anyone who wants to start playing and help in setting up or running a club.
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