July's Committee Meeting took place at Hazeli Lounge Bar and there were a number of points raised. These points will be published in the minutes in due course. However, we would like to ensure that everyone has a copy of the WFA 2019 Rules and has read them.

Anyone who is reading this and is considering playing with us, please ensure you read them before coming along. It will just help you in the longer term and save on time when you start playing.

So please email me for a copy of the 2019 WFA Walking Football Rules. CMES.OG@GMAIL.COM and i'll send you a copy of them quickly.
the site is live we will have a short section here
on the Pafos United Walking football group and about the actual functions of the group and any other short lines on an introduction
Charlie in UK, after playing with Havant & Waterlooville's "Many Shades of Grey" award winning Walking Football club. Thank you to all players but particularly Stuart Russell (Secretary) and John Morgan (Fixtures & Festivals Secretary) for all welcoming me and letting me join in with you today. It was a great experience and it just shows how many different variations of rules there are to Walking Football. You've given me some ideas to go back to Pafos United with and see if we can implement them to improve our games too. Hopefully one day we will receive a visit from you guys in 2020, lets start that dialogue Stuart?..........Thank you guys for your hospitality, the biscuits in the clubhouse after the matches........Pafos Utd, watch this space everyone.NEW FORUM

Not only do we have a new website but we also have a new a forum as well. The forum will be a place where various topics can be posted and members can reply or start topics themselves. REGISTER now and start using the Pafos United Forum.


*NFS Europe.com Mini League 1* is commencing Saturday 28th September 2019 and will continue to play on the last Saturday of each month for the next 6 months, although there is a Winter Break in December, so it will actually go on for 7 months.  There are 4 teams in the league: Peyia Forest, Tala Park Rangers, Mesogi County, & Coral Bay Rovers and each team has a squad of 10 players from Pafos United Walking Football. Each team will play 2 matches each Saturday that will consist of 20 mins each way.  Referees are organised (thank you Graham). The Mini League is sponsored by Pafos United main sponsor and they will provide the Trophies for the league (thank you Mark).  There will be an awards celebration BBQ hopefully on the last day of the MIni League 1 (scheduled for 28th March 2020).  Watch this space and if you aren't in a squad, or are interested in taking part at some point in the future or want to come along to regular weekly sessions of Pafos United please come and support us and watch to see what the fuss about Walking Football is all about.

NFS Europe

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