Statement from Chairman 4 June

Dear all, today I contacted Andreas, AM Fair Games Sports Center, for any updates at this precise moment their is still no change to the restrictions for walking football. We can train or exercise, but no football. He has requested an official update in writing but still waiting, failing to obey the restrictions will result in a 300 euros fine per player and Andreas will be fined 3000 euros. As he stated the Cyprus Health Minister will produce the restrictions for us to restart, so still  waiting for permission. So again many thanks for your patience in this matter.

21 May latest information from Chairman

Good morning firstly many thanks for all your patience in our walking football teams, the latest directive is very clear of last night. We can train with restrictions, but it clearly states no football. So we still need to wait, again thanks, and, stay safe out there in our latest ease of restrictions.
Malcolm Bushell

An updated message from Chairman Malcolm Bushell on 6 May

" Dear all, firstly I hope that you are all ok and staying safe out there.  After getting the comittees views on the way forward for the restart of walking football for Fun, Friendship, Fitness and Football with the DUTY OF CARE. The majority of the committee believe we need two things, firstly the full implications of the Presidents speech on starting up being in the vulnerable age group. ,So, we need the guidance of Antreas,and secondly we should wait until at least early June before making a decision for re-starting. This will enable us to gain information on the eradication of the virus ,or  a minimal level to meet everyones  expectations. So I must apologise until we restart our walking football together, not just some but all of us. I hope that this meets with your expectations of your committee. Stay safe and speak soon.

Goverment Restrictions

We are currently  governed by government restrictions and there is no walking football taking place. We are hoping that we will get the go ahead to start again towards the end of May. In the meantime anyone interested in obtaining more information about  Walking Football should contact our Chairman or Secretary.

At present  a number of our players are stuck in the Uk and we hope that they can soon arrange a safe passage back to Cyprus.

We had friendly matches lined up against a team from Scotland. Unfortunately those plans have had to be scrapped. We hope that we may  be able to meet up with them later in the year or more likely in 2021.

Our entertainment programme has been put on hold. More details on the entertainment page.

The final round of the min league is still to be played. As soon as we get the go ahead to play again the final matches will be arranged
The AGM in March agreed that new players once they have been accepted by the management Committee will need to make a payment of 25 euros. This will entitle them to a training top t  shirt. There will be a session charge of 5 euros.

The session charge applies to all members. Existing members will now be asked to pay a 10 euro annual membership fee. The amount to be reviewed each year at the AGM.

At the AGM the majority of last years committee was re elected. We welcome new Treasurer Paul Frazier, Kit Co ordinator Billy Smith, referee co ordinator David Morris and Entertainment  co ordinator Sandy Quinnell.

The name of the group has now been amended to Pafos United Walking Football Cyprus ie PUWFC

We are pleased that  team from Scotland will be coming to play us in April / May details on the flyer below.

In February 2020 we have celebrated our first year in existence. The photo below shows some brave players celebrating the event in the freezing February weather

In February 2020 we have celebrated our first year in existence. The photo below shows some brave players celebrating the event in the freezing February weather


The AGM has now taken place and members can access the agenda and reports under the forum page. The minutes page indicating a number of changes will be entered on the forum shortly.

A new committee has been set up and details are on the committee page of the main site.

The AGM agreed a disciplinary panel will be set up in the event of any player being sent off.

Our name has now been slightly amended and in future we will be known as  Pafos United Walking Football Cyprus.

We have a number of members taking part in the Cyprus 5k walk around Pathos on the 15 March and on the same day one of our members Geoff Dixon will be taking part in the Cyprus marathon raising finance for Friends Hospice.

We are looking to set up a womans section where the emphasis will be on fun ,fitness ,friendship. The main aim is to keep fit but there may be a few footballs involved if that's what is required. We anticipate starting in mid April. In the meantime details can be obtained from Evie on 99758320. All ages from 30 to 80 plus are welcome.

A reminder that members interested in playing in the sessions but contact Tony Watson either via email, phone or via our new booking site Heya. To gain access to heya speak to Tony.
July's Committee Meeting took place at Hazeli Lounge Bar and there were a number of points raised. These points will be published in the minutes in due course. However, we would like to ensure that everyone has a copy of the WFA 2019 Rules and has read them.

Anyone who is reading this and is considering playing with us, please ensure you read them before coming along. It will just help you in the longer term and save on time when you start playing.

So please email me for a copy of the 2019 WFA Walking Football Rules. CMES.OG@GMAIL.COM and i'll send you a copy of them quickly.

Welcome to Pafos United our new players: Gareth Austin (71), John FItzsimmons (69), Dave Cooper (83), Thomas Reid (81), Andy Husband (80), George Kyrionymou (79), George Herriot (82), Tim Rice (78), & John Walters (77) Most of you have now got your squad numbers.


We currently have 78 registered players, and around 92 who have some kind of involvement with Pafos United. Some are holiday makers that just play when they visit Cyprus, some are non-playing committee members. Our team goes from strength to strength.  We have 3 women that play, in fact Emma Baxter is nearly 39 years old and our youngest player at Pafos United, whilst Roy Blatchford who was until a recent injury was playing 3 times a week celebrated his 81st birthday on 20th September. Happy Belated birthday Roy!!

Welcome back to some old faces who have been away for the summer, Paul John, Brian Farquhar, and soon John Kelly will be back throwing himself around the goalmouth! We also look forward to welcoming back Andy Hack (74) & Jayne Hack (75) shortly.

Big Shout out to Bob Quinnell, who sadly injured his shoulder recently and has had to have MRI scans and results weren't particularly positive - he's had to withdraw from the forthcoming NFS Mini League 1 that starts Saturday 28th September 2019.  Get well soon Bob and hope we'll see you back on the pitch very soon.

the site is live we will have a short section here
on the Pafos United Walking football group and about the actual functions of the group and any other short lines on an introduction